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  1. Apr 24,  · What's On Your Mind Lyrics: The playlist (The playlist) / K.I.S.S. 5 / Uh / What's on your mind? / 'Cause you been actin' differently lately, girl / What's on your mind? (Ayy) / I'm tired .
  2. Mar 27,  · Where the girls are real, they tell ya how they feel If you're soft, you're soft, or if you're hard like steel I wanna know what's on your mind CHORUS About a week went by and I .
  3. Oct 23,  · Off Topics description is Talk about anything on your mind., but I didnt find a thread that literally answered that; what IS on your mind? I thought I may as well make a thread about it, so here it is. Quite literally, anything going on in your brain, type it out in an understandable way. Try not.
  4. May 12,  · I Know What's on Your Mind Lyrics: I don't mind playing your games, I know what you want / Don't you know I feel the same / Girl I want your love / You want me, baby I can tell / Why deny? / Don't.
  5. Girl, what's on your mind? NightHeda. Summary: Second year of college. Lexa is the beautiful new shy girl, and Clarke is determined to find out who she is. (This could be a challenge for Clarke, but Clarke Griffin doesn't give up!) Hadtodrawit, nathouffe, marief, Whats_life_without_fandoms and nightling as well as guests left kudos on.
  6. She slightly leaned to the side to get a better look of the new girl, and couldn't help but feel a bit envious of the girl's long brown wavy hair, tied up in a ponytail. All in all, from what Clarke could see from her seat in the back of the lecture hall, the new girl seemed to .
  7. Even if others don’t understand your reasons, ask them to be respectful. Remember, it’s OK to leave a bad situation if you need to. You might feel like you are standing alone, but Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are there with you.
  8. Jan 07,  · Usually, when I ask what’s on my girls mind I really want to know what she is thinking about me. And I want her to say something sweet and reassuring as well. For example, if I ask what’s on her mind I want to hear something like “ I was just thinking about how much I love you “.

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